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right I'm going to talk about pids kids as they're sometimes called and PID stands for something obviously it stands the P stands for proportional the I stands for integral and the D stands for derivative so there's everything you need to know about peds now it's and of course I'm joking it's actually quite a complex thing but I'm going to try and distill it down now I'm taking a few liberties to make life a little easier for all of us and I'm going to give these other names I'm going to give these and you'll see why in a moment I'm going to give proportional I'll give it the name present as in right now integral I'm going to give it the name passed as in it's already happened and derivative I'm going to give it the name future as in hasn't happened yet but it's going to these are the alternative definition well this is how things work and I'm gonna explain how that works now let's assume this is a mini quad there it is beautiful isn't it gorgeous I'll take the propellers off because it's always safely work on the whiteboard without propellers on and this mini quad has the ability to Tilton whatever and so we have inputs which go into it from our flight controller this is all up here's I have flight control it's got all the stuff on it here um all this is in our flight controller this is the magic that makes things happen and also in the flight controller there is another block which is the sensor which actually we'll just put it over there and the sensor provides the information that goes off to the derivative the integral and the proportional so I can draw some lines around these to show you what I am talking about these are actually separate bits of stuff they're actually software inside the flight control that handle these particular operations so what we have here is a feedback loop this is a feedback loop basically here's their quote effect quad tilts this little bit here the gyro the accelerometer picks up the fact it's tilted feeds the information into these things here the PID software which then has some outputs is a proportional output and integral output and a derivative output they go into little mixed up here and then feed back into the quad to correct it so it's it's a feedback mechanism works a little bit like this so you're running yourself a nice hot bar and you turn on the taps woohoo all good put your hand in well it's too hot what do you do you turn down the hot tap that's the feedback so you're first of all you since oh it's too hot that's the sense that's the spurt and then you say mmm you work out what to do if it's too hot I need to turn down the hot tap so dude come out here and then you put that in and use the responses that you turn down the hot tap then it gets too cold oh I need more hot water so you turn the hot tap back up so your feet constantly monitoring...
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